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ilex.lapis and dr. fishtein are proprietors of the salvage emporium. the salvage emporium specializes in vintage and retro knicks knacks, jewelry & accessories, junk and other curiosities hand-made from salvaged items and materials. merchandise from the salvage emporium is available online and at regional craft and car shows.

holly stone, a.k.a. ilex.lapis, is a freelance artist, designer & photographer in valley station, ky. she grew up on free shakespeare and free art classes and has studied art, theatre and scenic painting in both kentucky and ohio.

in addition to her freelance work, she is on the board of directors for shakespeare behind bars and works part time as the director of technology and communications. shakespeare behind bars is a nonprofit organization offering theatrical encounters with personal and social issues to the incarcerated, allowing them to develop life skills that will ensure their successful reintegration into society.

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peter stone, a.k.a. dr. fishstein, is a certified surgical technologist as well as a mechanic and vintage car enthusiast. he is a scrub tech at a medical center in clarksville, indiana.

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ilex.lapis and dr. fishstein live in valley station, ky with wilber the dilly dog, stellaluna the tiny-tuna-of-death cat, malachi the fat cat and 3 very silly chickens.